FC Barcelona revolutionises hospitality offering with launch of new VIP areas at the future Spotify Camp Nou

FC Barcelona has presented a new concept in Barça Hospitality that will revolutionise its proposal, a launch that will soon reveal the new VIP spaces at the future stadium. The creation of new income is a fundamental element of the project to renovate Spotify Camp Nou, the epicenter of the Espai Barça project.

With the building work under way for the last three-plus months, the redevelopment of the blaugranes’ new home is moving along at pace and bringing to life a project that will mark a new era in the Club’s history and that aims to become a global reference point.

Two of the main ways to achieve the objective of generating new sources of income are new sponsorship agreements linked to the stadium, bearing in mind the agreement with Spotify for the title rights as the first, and the availability of boxes and high-quality VIP seating that will treble the current offering.

As such, it is predicted that new sponsorship agreements and the new VIP offering will generate together some 120 million euros annually. It is important to remember that these two sources of planned income are two of the most essential for the for the financial viability plan for the project.

Therefore, considering its importance in the business plan for the project, and as is customary in projects of his size, the Club has decided to create an experience centre as a platform and commercial tool to help publicise and commercialise the Espai Barça.

FC Barcelona has teamed up with Legends International to promote the design and marketing of the future VIP boxes and seats at the renovated Spotify Camp Nou, the epicentre of Espai Barça, as Ted Glick discussed with the 400+ C-suite attendees during the 2023 ALSD International Conference at The Etihad Stadium.

The Barça Hospitality Showroom will occupy a space of 1,000m2 that will be in use until the building work is finished at the stadium, and it aims to be a new reference point in the second, guaranteeing a unique experience for clients and guests who wish to enjoy Barça in a sophisticated and exclusive atmosphere. It will be a space where virtual reality, immersive activities, holograms, and the most advanced technology available will be at the service of those who visit the new space, so that they can see in person and new VIP seating and boxes for the future Spotify Camp Nou.

The launch of the Barça Hospitality Showroom is planned for before the end of the current year and it will be situated on the second floor of the Barça Immersive Tour. In this new space, FC Barcelona will offer a personalised service for both businesses with a potential interest in becoming Espai Barça partners, as well as Barça members and fans and businesses interested in the variety of options regarding VIP boxes and seating, of which life-sized replicas will be available.

Commercialisation of the new VIP offering

The presentation and commercialisation of each of the products that form part of the new VIP seating and boxes offer will take place gradually. FC Barcelona members who are interested, as well as current clients of Hospitality products, will have preferential access.

As such, from October 3, 2023, all those who are interested, will have two weeks exclusively to request an appointment for the Barça Hospitality Showroom via a form made available by the Club on their official website in the VIP Hospitality section of the future Spotify Camp Nou.

The quality of the VIP products will be much higher than the current one and will triple the offer that was in Spotify Camp Nou, a new proposal for Premium seats and markets in the future Stadium, with a total number of 9,900, including seats and available spaces.

FC Barcelona’s new home will feature world-class seating options, ranging from private Palcos with unrivalled views of the pitch to VIP seats with access to exclusive interior lounges.

These new hospitality experiences will take matchday entertainment to the next level.


Source & imagery, courtesy: FC Barcelona

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