RCD Mallorca expands its hospitality offering with four new VIP spaces

Nowadays, most stadiums in world football have some kind of VIP or hospitality package, but RCD Mallorca have gone above and beyond by extending their offering to the point where guests at the Estadi Mallorca Son Moix can select from one of seven different types of hospitality experience.

The LALIGA EA SPORTS club recently launched four new packages to ensure that VIP guests are spoilt for choice.

With the expansion of the VIP hospitality offering, RCD Mallorca now offer the following seven packages:

  • Footprint Tunnel Experience
  • Premium Seats – Player Walk Out
  • The Premium Club
  • Stadium Restaurant Experience
  • Presidential Lounge
  • VIP Box North
  • VIP Box West

Each possesses something slightly different, but the common theme is to deliver high-quality gastronomy, dedicated service and fun pre-match and post-match entertainment.

Providing unrivalled access has also been a long-standing objective, such as with the club’s well-established ‘Tercer Tiempo’ (‘The Third Half’ in English) period, which has been in place since before the pandemic and which allows VIPs to enjoy a meet-and-greet moment with players and coaches after the game.

A pioneer in VIP hospitality experiences

This isn’t the first time that the directors at the club from the Balearic Islands have shown their pioneering spirit when it comes to offering unique VIP hospitality experiences. With several members of the ownership group having a background in basketball, and understanding the courtside phenomenon, they decided several years ago that there should be a wider range of hospitality options to suit all preferences.

Little by little, these packages have been carefully crafted and put together and the four new ones have been launched this season. The entertainment is already proving to be a hit. For example, in the team’s last home match, against Valencia CF, there were DJ sets and a performance form local group Barrilete Cósmico in the restaurant space.

Explaining why they felt the need to increase the range of options, a representative for RCD Mallorca said:

It’s about wanting to offer more spaces to football fans who are in Mallorca, either temporarily or because they live on the island, and who want to see football from a different perspective. Each of these new areas complements the existing ones and, at the same time, offers a different type of experience so that the fans who come to the Estadi Mallorca Son Moix can choose the one they like the most.

Stand Out Space

Of the new additions, the Footprint Tunnel Experience really stands out.

Explaining this, the club said:

The Footprint Tunnel Experience is unique in football as it offers fans the chance to be right next to the dugouts, watching the game from just a few metres away and witnessing how the coaches and substitutes experience it. This is a hospitality space that combines many things that make it immersive and innovative. On the one hand, there is the location of the seats that the fans who purchase this experience have.

In addition to this excellent location, those enjoying the Footprint Tunnel Experience can view the tunnel by the dressing rooms, where the stars of the match walk through, thanks to a large and comfortable space with large glass windows that allow them to see everything that is happening.

Of the new additions at Estadi Mallorca Son Moix, the Footprint Tunnel Experience really stands out. Images, courtesy: RCD Mallorca / LaLiga

The role of Boost LALIGA in RCD Mallorca’s stadium redevelopments

The current ownership group at RCD Mallorca has been clear from the outset that modernising the stadium had to be a priority.

Beyond the new hospitality areas, the club listened to the concerns of season ticket holders and realised that removing the athletics track was a must, an objective which has already been carried out.

On this, the club explained:

The simple fact of having removed the athletics tracks has meant a return to the feel of traditional football in our stadium, and that has made the fanbase content. The fans are recovering the essence of old school football, with the supporters just 10 metres from the pitch, and there is a noticeable boost to the atmosphere. It’s a change that the club’s ownership put a lot of effort into.

The island club has also benefited from Boost LALIGA, as the funds from this program have allowed the institution to accelerate investment in facilities. In just 1.5 years, the club has already completed 85 percent of the refurbishment project, with the new hospitality areas already up and running.

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RCD Mallorca added:

Thanks to Boost LALIGA, the club has been able to have a 360º view, combining our innovative spirit with all the benefits and support that the CVC funds bring. At RCD Mallorca, we always try to be disruptive and innovative, to be attractive to all with our modern approach. In this sense, we have been able to double our efforts in making all our objectives related to supporters and the fan experience a reality.

By making such a significant investment in the Estadi Mallorca Son Moix, RCD Mallorca will reap the benefits over the coming years, both in terms of the improved atmosphere and the increased matchday and non-matchday revenues that will stem from the new hospitality areas.

The club concluded:

We are facing an exciting challenge that is going very well, as we provide all kinds of experiences so that fans who choose to visit one of these hospitality areas leave the Estadi Mallorca Son Moix satisfied and keen to return. Thanks to this, we’ll be able to boost our revenue and continue with our growth plan, with the aim of becoming a top 10 LALIGA EA SPORTS club, both in sporting terms and in a business sense.

Source & imagery, courtesy: RCD Mallorca / LaLiga

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