Delving into Premium Hospitality: A Day with the AFL’s West Coast Eagles

ALSD International’s Head of Membership & Client Relations, Cassandra Calleja, recently participated in an exceptional brand day with the renowned AFL team, the West Coast Eagles. The event took place during the Easter Sunday match against Melbourne Football Club at the impressive Optus Stadium, with Cassandra getting to experience the world-class hospitality spaces, featuring mouthwatering food and beverages.

During the match day, Cassandra – based in our Perth office – received the unique opportunity to explore the West Coast Eagles’ premium hospitality offerings at the stadium. One such space is the highly exclusive Chair’s Table, accessible only by invitation and reserved for the Chairman’s special guests.

Anna Durante, Manager Executive Office, and Steph Peters, Executive Administration Assistant, expertly showcased the Chair’s Table and provided invaluable insights into this exclusive premium hospitality experience.

Durante said:

We take great pride in providing a top-notch experience for our guests, ensuring they enjoy a memorable day while feeling truly valued.

Joined by General Manager of Commercial Operations, Tony Haselhurst, and several West Coast Eagles directors, including former Australian Cricket Coach and Player Justin Langer, our team embarked on a personalised tour of the function rooms.

Above: The entrance to the West Coast Eagles’ Premium Hospitality Suites at Optus Stadium

The tour showcased some of the most sought-after spaces, such as the Premiership Lounge, Field Club, Golden Eagles, Legends Club and Club 92. Thanks to the extensive array of function rooms, the experience was truly unforgettable.

Calleja shared:

Exploring these premium spaces and witnessing the attention to detail in hospitality was truly inspiring. It was an incredible experience I won’t soon forget.

The Premiership Lounge offers an à la carte menu and has a capacity of 200. This formal setting features comfortable executive style arm-chair match seating and a range of high-end dining options. For $800 per person, per game, Premiership Lounge members can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere without MC formalities and engage with like-minded and passionate Eagles supporters.

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The Premiership Lounge

The Field Club spans two levels and accommodates over 500 guests in a sports bar-like atmosphere. For $495 per person per game, the all-inclusive package provides unreserved seating above the interchange bench.

Additionally, guests have the ability to stand outside the Field Club behind the players’ interchange bench, allowing guests a more intimate view of the West Coast Eagles players.

This area also features six private Field Suits, unique service offerings, and access to the players’ pre-warm-up room. After the match, a section of the Field Club transforms into the post-game press conference area, where members can watch from behind a glassed area. The room even acts as the players race for when they take the field pre-game! 

The Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagles is designed for seated functions with up to 60 people and include invitations to other exclusive club events. This membership offers an exceptional dining experience and prime viewing from its location directly next to the West Coast Eagles coaches’ box.

During our visit, we had the opportunity to listen to the pregame interview with a current member of the coaching staff Tim Gepp and Melbourne FC champion, Shane Woewodin.

Club 92 provides a more casual atmosphere, popular for reservations where the menu consists of gourmet food and premium beverages. The crowd is entertained by stories and pre-game information hosted by current and past player interviews, and lucky attendees might even win the tipping competition.

Club 92

Our team didn’t have time to experience the amazing panoramic views of the entire stadium offered at the Sky View Lounge, perched atop the stadium and nestled beneath the superscreen. However, we were told it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Haselhurst added:

We are committed to offering our guests an unforgettable premium experience.

These exclusive spaces offer a combination of exceptionally fine and casual dining along with premium beverages and are highly recommended. With up to 1,300 privileged members participating in this unique experience with the West Coast Eagles, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

Following the tour, we were guided back to the Directors’ Suite on level 3 to watch the game. The room accommodates 40 guests, including directors and the chairman’s special invitees. We enjoyed a fabulous view of the on-field fan engagement, which featured fire canons and the players making their entrance through an inflatable Eagle head tunnel.

As the twilight game unfolded, we were treated to pre-match and first-half canapés, followed by a scrumptious buffet and second-half platters, all accompanied by free-flowing beverages. From the comfort of the Directors’ Suite, we had the privilege of taking in a spectacular, full view of the entire stadium.

Directors’ Suite

Should you find yourself in Perth and wish to indulge in these remarkable hospitality packages, we strongly encourage you to contact the West Coast Eagles Football Club at Their outstanding hospitality options are well worth attending and are certain to create lasting memories.

In summary, this amazing opportunity enabled our team to obtain first-hand experience and learn from industry leaders about the world of premium hospitality.

We express our deep gratitude to the West Coast Eagles Football Club for their gracious hospitality and eagerly anticipate applying the valuable insights we gained in our future endeavours. 

ALSD International’s Cassandra Calleja was hosted by the West Coast Eagles’ Anna Durante, Manager Executive Office, and Steph Peters, Executive Administration Assistant

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