KRC Genk embraces Rhenac Sports LED grass grow lighting technology

The Cegeka Arena, home ground to the Belgium topflight football club KRC Genk, has ordered several Rhenac Sports LED grass grow units to support the recuperation of their football turf. 

From next season, the grounds management crew will have the latest LED grass grow technology to supplement the natural light to the grass that winter weather fails to deliver. 

RSI SPORTS managing partner Arnoud Fiolet explained:

The two Rhenac Sports LED R-ML 30s will typically be used to support grass growth and grass recuperation in the goalmouth area, while the R-ML 200 unit is capable of supporting large areas elsewhere on the pitch. RSI SPORTS is the exclusive sales partner for Rhenac GreenTec, the manufacturer of Rhenac Sports LED grass grow technology. 

Convincing trial

Following a successful trial last winter, the Cegeka Arena was convinced that the Rhenac Sports LED grass grow technology is the technology of the future.

Fiolet continued:

The Rhenac Sports LED technology is the only grass grow technology that is capable of reproducing the complete light spectrum. With rootzone development requiring different light compared to stimulating grass branching or increasing in length, these units are capable of supporting the grass at every stage of its development. 

Due to the playing intensity the goalmouth areas experience, the grass in these areas requires a different and more intense approach to recuperate. 

A thorough grass study in conjunction with the University of Munich provided the foundation for Rhenac GreenTec AG to develop the technology.

Cegeka Arena, home to KRC Genk, has ordered Rhenac Sports LED grass grow units to support the recuperation of the football turf

Rhenac GreenTec AG CEO Horst Theisen explained:

It is essential to understand the relationship between light spectra and grass growth, as well as the relationship between other growth factors and natural turf. As the LED technology doesn’t produce heat like it is experienced with HPS technology, the technology has no negative side-effects on the pitch. This allows the grounds team to integrate the grass grow technology into their grounds care regime.

Delivering a perfect pitch is a science that goes beyond watering or illuminating the field. It involves many parameters, most of which are being covered by this LED grass grow technology. Once the technology is connected to a field management system, it facilitates an integrated approach towards delivering and maintaining a good stadium field.

The Cegeka Arena is the fourth largest football stadium in Belgium and is known for its drive to pioneer modern technologies to offer all users the best possible experience.

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