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Teams throughout all major leagues have had much success in building a strong season ticket base, which cannot be surrendered to the hurdles of 2020 and COVID-19. Together, we can create the future of sports, a future with prosperity, competition and excitement through loyalty, as Luis D. Rivera at First Star Solutions reports.


Today in our sports business, an empty entertainment venue is not an option. Teams work extremely hard investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in having a strong season-ticket base and following in the community. Throughout history empty venues have a following of a losing team, no excitement, and a failed business organisation. However, with the arrival of the coronavirus, all of this hard work has been sidelined, while the majority of our venues remain eerily quiet due to lockdown.


Keeping your venues safe

It can be said that COVID-19 has crippled our industry. At First Star Solutions, we believe it has given us an opportunity to stop rethink and create the entertainment industry of tomorrow. This pause has allowed all teams the opportunity to implement the latest and greatest technology, and revisit all operations, from how fans enter our buildings to food and beverage dining from concessions to premium areas. This pause has created an even playing field for everyone.


Many teams and venues have designed their reopenings to remove a large amount of seats to create social distancing to provide a safe environment. Removing seats is an ineffective solution, as it will diminish your fan base, creating space for social gathering, limiting revenue in all categories and costing money to remove, store and reinstall those seats.


Contactless payment will be a must for venues to show their commitment for the safety and security of staff and fans


Keeping your fans safe and secure at your venue continues to be your number one priority. This can easily be achieved by providing a giveaway mask with team logos for every fan to wear. These giveaway masks, like the terrible towel, clappers, vuvuzela or the Cheesehead will become a signature item for cheering on your favourite team. We believe a bad situation should not be countered with yet another bad situation. Your marketing teams should be able to get you on highlights daily with your giveaway masks. These efforts will create a sense of supporting the team.


Contactless payment will be a must for venues to show their commitment for the safety and security of staff and fans. First Star Solutions can review your current point of sale system and match you with the best possible contactless payment solution for your business.


Implementing a payment system will only help with the payment portion. You need a strong concessions team with a great system and ergonomics to effectively serve fans and increase through-put of concessions lines. Lines have been proven to be mitigated with proper planning, training and staffing.



Clubs and Lounges

Small plates with chef attendant action stations will help remove the outdated buffets and keep your food safe and fresh. Also, carving out spaces for sit-down dining will help with those needing that access.



Take low revenue concession locations and convert them to grab-and-go markets with packaged items. This will provide safe and quick options for fans who are not comfortable waiting in concession lines.


Are your concession stands set up ergonomically for moving lines and increasing through-put? Many venue’s concession workers are running marathons within the concession stands simply to get a bottle of water or nachos. It’s time to think differently and challenge your food service team for better results.


First Star Solutions

We are a team of industry professionals with expertise on a vast array of food and beverage advice and services derived from experience with a wide rage of operations, teams, and venues to better your business. We provide support and insight to improve your financial goals and make your fan experience an ultimate one by removing any obstacles between you and your food service team.


Our experiences help cut through the red tape, providing a balanced evaluation of your business with the focus on fans first. Our focus is partnership, while providing transparency. We will work with your food service team to achieve sustainable results, while maintaining your fundamentals and individuality.


When fans are the first priority of your business, it changes everything. Together we can create a safe and profitable environment.


Author’s credits:

Luis D. Rivera is the Founder of First Star Solutions. For further information, email him at: LRIVERA@FIRSTSTARSOLUTIONS.COM


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