Santiago del Estero selects LED lighting technology for stadium grass growth

The management of Estadio Ciudad de Santiago del Estero in Argentina has invested in RSI/Rhenac LED grass grow technology and support systems.


The technology will be used to ensure the pitch of the stadium – proposed to be used for the Copa América games and the 2030 World Cup bid – will always be in pristine condition. 


Once completed the stadium will have a pitch that consists of a combination of folium and Bermuda grass. The ability to stimulate the photosynthesis in these grasses was one of the deciding factors for stadium management in selecting the RSI/Rhenac technology.


Tom Mathys, Business Manager, RSI/Rhenac said:

The third-generation LED technology we use in our LED grass grow units makes it possible to precisely stimulate the germination and root-growing process. Our LED technology is the only LED grass grow technology that is capable of precisely emitting blue (for rootzone stimulation), red (for biomass stimulation) and white (replicating daylight) light.


It is fair to say that RSI/Rhenac LED grass grow technology will continuously produce the optimum conditions for the grass to grow, to remain healthy and to recuperate after a game.


The colour and light intensity can be adjusted according to each grass blend or the condition of the field.


Mathys added:

What makes our technology unique is that it is 100% based on scientific research and that it can imitate the complete light spectrum, in every required color, and mix these colors at any intensity needed and all of this using fully automated light programs. The Rhenac grass grow lighting technology truly operates on a completely new level.


Apart from LED grass grow units, Estadio Ciudad de Santiago del Estero has also invested in the RSI Turf Master analysing unit and cool air blowing units.


Mathys continued:

All technology is integrated into one system. The Turf Master Analyzer establishes the condition of the pitch before it instructs the other technology to adjust its settings accordingly.


Diego True, Head Groundsman at Estadio Ciudad de Santiago del Estero, said:

We have carefully searched for the best LED grass growth technology in the market that can cope with our hot climate and heavily shaded pitch. It was clear that the RSI/Rhenac LED technology offers the most complete, powerful, flexible and most automated LED light spectrum, ensuring not only grass growth in the most difficult of conditions, but also and most importantly strong root growth and healthy turf density.


Image, courtesy: RSI/Rhenac




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