VIP spaces at future Spotify Camp Nou fly off the shelf

The hospitality products at FC Barcelona’s future Spotify Camp Nou are selling fast, with a new sales office about to open its doors.

The sales efforts for the new Barça Hospitality offerings that the Club unveiled last October have been very well received, and 90% of the first products that were launched – the 20 VVIP Suites and the 96 Boxes in the new Stadium – have already sold out.

The Club has adapted its VIP proposal for the future Spotify Camp Nou to new market trends, with higher quality boxes and seats and three times more than are currently available. This, along with the new sponsorship agreements, is projected to generate approximately €120 million of income annually.

The VVIP Suites and Upper Tier Stand Boxes are already sold out, most with long-term contracts for 8-10 years, showing the fans’ commitment to and confidence in Barça Hospitality’s new proposal at the future stadium.

The sales efforts and closing of contracts have given priority to members and existing customers, in grateful recognition of their loyalty to the Club. They have been granted maximum preference in purchasing the VIP products that the new Spotify Camp Nou will offer.

Each of the products in the new offering of VIP boxes and seats is being rolled out gradually. With a total number of 9,900 seats and spaces available, and with most of the VVIP Suites and Boxes sold already, the Club has just launched the Loge seats, located in the first VIP ring of the future Spotify Camp Nou.

To promote the roll-out and design of the new Barça Hospitality offering, FC Barcelona is working with Legends, a global leader in premium experiences and sales, and is moving forward with the goal of maximising new revenue generation from Hospitality at the future stadium.

Gradual roll-out of the VIP offering

Loge seats at the future Spotify Camp Nou are now available for anyone interested, and soon the premium seats located in the different areas of the stadium will be available.

Loge seats can be purchased in multiples of four sofa-type seats for maximum comfort. They will be located in the first VIP ring in the Upper Tier and Side Stands. These 144 seats have some of the best views of the pitch, as well as access to the VIP room. Loge seats range in price from €45,000 to €87,000 per season, depending on location.

To offer the best experience to anyone interested in the VIP offerings, as well as current Barça Hospitality customers, the Club has created an area to serve as a platform and a commercial tool to help raise awareness of and promote the Espai Barça.

The new sales office, which is expected to open its doors soon, will occupy an area of about 1,000 m2. It will be in use until the work on the Stadium is finished, and its goal is to become a new benchmark in the sector, ensuring a unique experience for all those who want to know more about the new Barça Hospitality concept in a sophisticated and exclusive atmosphere.

The new sales office will be an interactive centre where virtual reality, immersive activities, holograms and the latest technologies will be available to anyone who visits the new space and wants to see first-hand the new seats and VIP boxes at the future Spotify Camp Nou.

FC Barcelona has pioneered the concept of using an expansive and innovative replica showroom of VIP products. The Club partnered with Legends to design and bring the space to life, like the premium experiences company’s work across other leading global stadia.

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