Qualflow: Delivering faster, more efficient beer operations at The Etihad Stadium

In this video, we hear from Mike Tansey, Head of Bars & Cellars at The Etihad Stadium, and Thomas Wyatt-Minter, Head of UK Sales at Qualflow Systems, discussing the challenges of the “half-time event” at Premier League venues, with only 15 minutes to serve thirsty fans, and how Qualflow’s fast-dispense, has transformed the fan experience.

Mike explained:

Since we’ve been using Qualflow, my life’s got a lot easier, the beer tastes great, the fan experience has been a lot better, and we’re making a lot more money!

Ciaran O’Morain, CEO, Qualflow Systems, said:

The level of automation that Qualflow delivers, means that any unskilled person can be taught in 1-2 pours how to pour a beer and that means the event operator can sell more beers, faster, with fewer people, and reduce queues.

Thomas added:

You’re able to serve more people, in a short space of time.

It’s all about the beer!

Watch the full video here.

Mike Tansey and Thomas Wyatt-Minter interviews filmed on site at The Etihad Stadium. Ciaran O’Morain filmed on site at Qualflow’s Dublin facility.

Video produced by Sports Venue Business

Qualflow: Innovative Draught Beer Quality and Dispense Solutions: https://qualflow.com

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