En2End’s tech-driven approach to bridging the gap for fans with Innovative Hybrid Events

In the dynamic world of sports entertainment, En2End is leading the charge in transforming the traditional Match Day experience. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and hybrid event strategies, En2End is opening new avenues for rights holders and brands to connect with a global audience.

The Challenge:
Despite the passion and loyalty of sports fans, geographical and logistical barriers often limit their engagement. Traditional live events restrict the immersive experience to the physical confines of the stadium, leaving a significant portion of the fanbase disconnected.

En2End’s Solution:
En2End  addresses this challenge by integrating advanced technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and live streaming into the matchday experience.

This approach not only amplifies fan engagement but also offers brands innovative platforms for advertising and fan interaction.

Hybrid Events – The Future of Fan Engagement

Claire Bowden-Hughes, Founder & Director, En2End, said:

Our hybrid event model combines the best of both worlds – the electric atmosphere of live games and the inclusive reach of digital platforms. By doing so, we ensure that every fan, regardless of location, can be part of the action.

By combining the best elements of the in-person experience with a virtual presence, En2End has created several hybrid and virtual events, which have included a series of one-hour preview shows for UEFA’s Champions League, Europa League and EURO finals.

Guillaume Sabran, Head of Sponsorship & Licensing, UEFA, said:

The innovative and creative events produced by En2End allowed us to engage with our clients and involve them in the excitement of UEFA EURO 2020, UEFA Champions League and Europa League fixtures from the comfort of their own homes. Their responsiveness, professionalism and support was fantastic, and our teams were very pleased with the outcomes.

Bowden-Hughes explained:

It’s not about replacing the in-person experience, it’s about how we’ve adapted and developed this experience to offer it to a wider audience using technology.

You’re always going to want to be at an-person event – that is still the ultimate experience – but to able to talk to a wider and younger audience, hybrid activation is crucial. They’ve grown up as digital natives and they’re the future fans of sport and brands. We create that in-person experience online.

You can still get nice touch points but by combining in-person with online, you get a better fan experience, whilst allowing partners and rights holders to maximise the use of their assets.

Benefits of hybrid events

Hybrid events, which blend both in-person and virtual elements, offer substantial advantages that are highly beneficial for brands aiming to elevate their event and sponsorship activation plans.

Here are some key reasons why:

  • Extend audience reach
  • Enhanced engagement & gamification
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Data analytics
  • Sustainability
  • Flexibility, resilience & future-proofing
Above & top: En2End are transforming the way we cheer for our favourite teams, connect with fellow fans and create unforgettable memories, via virtual stadiums to immersive fan experiences

En2End: A solutions partner, not a traditional agency

Problem solvers, idea-ators, relationship brokers, value creators, day-to-day operators. En2End is a brand experience agency that exists to reimagine what an experience can be. We do that by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in every format — virtual, live or hybrid.

Since being established in 2019, En2End has gone from strength to strength, successfully pivoting during the Covid-19 crisis from delivering physical VIP match day experiences and corporate events, to creating bespoke online solutions for governing bodies such as UEFA and global brands such as FedEx and Vitality.

The events we curate provide our clients with a platform for continual engagement with their own clients and partners, as well as allowing brands to access and maximise their matchday rights. We are renowned for providing a level of service unsurpassed in the premium corporate hospitality and events sector.

Driven by a desire to deliver exceptional customer experiences that bring your brand to life, we have the expertise, ideas, relationships, solutions and passion to guarantee you and your clients the perfect En2End experience.

To find out more, email: Claire.hughes@en2end.com or visit: En2End.com

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