Avicii Arena unveils the world’s first store where customers pay with emotions

The naming right partners behind Avicii Arena in Stockholm, Sweden introduces ‘Break The Silence’ – a new initiative to raise awareness around young people’s mental health. On 23 November, Break The Silence launched its campaign, opening the doors of a new store located inside the Avicii Arena. The store sells exclusive items, such as a limited-edition cap designed by artist ANJI. And the twist? Customers can only pay with their emotions.

The iconic Avicii Arena was established in May 2021 through a unique collaboration between the Tim Bergling Foundation, Trygg-Hansa, BAUHAUS and ASM Global. Together, these organisations joined forces, aiming to break the stigma surrounding and increase awareness of mental health issues impacting young people. Avicii Arena proudly serves as a platform for activities and initiatives addressing the needs of the next generation.

Break The Silence launches this week, with the opening of a new store in Avicii Arena. Customers will find exclusive items, such as a brand-new cap designed items by artist ANJI. To purchase the cap, customers can scan a QR code and answer a few questions focused around their emotional state in that moment. From there, a digital receipt will be sent and the limited-edition cap can be collected.

Alexandra Björnsson, Project Manager at the Tim Bergling Foundation, said:

This in-venue-store is truly the first of its kind, and we hope it contributes to breaking the stigma around discussing emotions. Simultaneously, it’s crucial to focus 100% on the young here and be willing to really listen and support. Through this initiative, we aim to create an inclusive atmosphere where discussing emotions and mental health is natural, offering young people the tools they need to thrive.

Break The Silence’s goal is to enhance knowledge and awareness of mental health in young people. The store opening marks the beginning of a string of activity from the initiative, focused on openness and breaking the stigma around discussing emotions, to prevent young people from experiencing mental health issues and ensuring they receive the necessary support.

Break The Silence launches this week, with the opening of a new store in Avicii Arena. Customers will find exclusive items, such as a brand-new cap designed items by artist ANJI

Björnsson added:

Learning to express and manage emotions helps children and young people feel better. Research indicates that the ability to communicate feelings, coupled with positive relationships with adults, is among the most critical protective factors in life against issues like depression and suicide. If you early on learn to articulate emotions it can provide a solid shield for the future.

During the opening of the store in Avicii Arena, licensed psychologists and counsellors will be on-site for those seeking assistance. Following the November 23 opening, the store will be accessible to visitors during event-nights at Avicii Arena.

For more information on Break The Silence, visit aviciiarena.se

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