IDOM unveils preliminary designs for the new La Romareda stadium

Real Zaragoza has officially presented the first images of the architectural concept by IDOM for the new La Romareda stadium, with an expected capacity of 42,500 spectators.

IDOM has been in charge of the preliminary design of the new stadium, a process which has taken into account the main aspects that are key in modern stadiums today, such as:

  • Creating the best soccer atmosphere for a full spectator experience. 
  • Converting La Nueva Romareda into a stadium that can host the highest international competitions.
  • Becoming a benchmark in sustainability.
  • Using the most advanced technologies in the field of security and television broadcasting.
  • Turning the new stadium into the home of Real Zaragoza and one of the representative icons of the city of Zaragoza. A stadium for Real Zaragoza, Zaragoza and Aragon.

One of the objectives is that the stadium should be one of the venues of the bid Spain, Portugal and Morocco are submitting for the 2030 FIFA World Cup, so its design has also taken into account the requirements and recommendations set by institutions such as FIFA, UEFA, the Spanish Football Federation and LaLiga. 

Finally, the preliminary design for La Nueva Romareda contemplates the integration of tertiary and tertiary sports uses adjacent to the stadium. These uses are integrated not only in the functional aspect, but also in the architectural aspect with a unitary envelope creating the final image of the New Romareda.


A crucial starting point was the clear decision to design a stadium that would look towards the city, that would be inserted in it, and go beyond it, taking into account its geographical environment. 

In the area where it is located, given the depression and the Ebro valley, one of the predominant winds of the peninsula, the “cierzo”, is created. Thus, the cierzo has been a fundamental element in its design.

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César Azcárate, Director of Sports & Events at IDOM, said:

Focusing on its flows, we have weathered the stadium and the roof, modelling them as fluid and dynamic elements. The piece is deformed by drawing concave shapes in the north and south areas of the volume, giving greater amplitude to the urban space, and convex shapes in the east and west areas, showing the Eduardo Ibarra square and the Paseo de Isabel la Católica.

The presence of the Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta and the Plaza Eduardo Ibarra are accentuated by the colonization of the vegetation in the urban void between the park and La Nueva Romareda, enhancing their connection. Stadium, plaza and park merge, creating spaces not only for the stadium but also for the city.

From inside the stadium, two rings of main stands have been designed for the general public and two hospitality stands have been interspersed in the Preference Grandstand, with one ring for the general public or hospitality, depending on demand, in the East Grandstand. Images, copyright: IDOM

The compactness of the volume and the uniformity of the facade have been key to materialise the new stadium due to the variety of uses (tertiary and sports) that it will house. From the urban analysis and the configuration of the available site, an opportunity is generated to locate these uses oriented towards the city, in the Preference Grandstand and in the East Grandstand, forming practically two continuous facades and two buildings that run along them.

These uses are also conceived to be placed along both stands with the possibility of being connected with the interior of the stadium itself, thus giving the option of interesting synergies depending on the uses that are assigned to the tertiary. On one hand, this gives the possibility of connecting functionally and visually with the interior of the spaces destined for soccer. On the other, the North and South Grandstands function in different ways, contemplating only the uses for soccer.

The roof is conceived as a light element that expresses movement and, at the same time, generates protection to the west and views to the east, providing a response adapted to the site, typical of Zaragoza. It covers 100% of the surface area of the stands, extending outwards in order to find the limits of the building’s outline, creating a 360º promenade with extraordinary views of the city and the interior of the stadium can be appreciated at the same time.

What by day is a serene and restful façade becomes a vibrant and dynamic element at night. The light hits the double shell and the roof and brings to the outside what is going on inside. The spectator is part of this atmosphere.

The Pitch Club will offer views of the Players’ Tunnel. Images, copyright: IDOM

General public access to the stadium is on the first floor, through the upper part of the lower tier, thus facilitating the integration of the total volume of the stadium in the city.  

In addition, this will facilitate evacuation, if necessary, as the spectators in the lower tier have direct access and exit from and to the street, with only stairs for the spectators in the upper tier and the Hospitality stands.

From inside the stadium, two rings of main stands have been designed for the general public and two hospitality stands have been interspersed in the Preference Grandstand, with one ring for the general public or hospitality, depending on demand, in the East Grandstand.

The proposal includes areas for Premium General Admission (Premium GA) on the second floor, with the VIP boxes and the presidential boxes on the second floor, and the Pitch Club with views of the players’ tunnel. This hospitality offering has its own core areas, differentiated from those for the general public.

Source & imagery, courtesy: IDOM

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