Mega-scale main steel truss arrives at Kai Tak Sports Park

The first large-scale prefabricated segment of the roof structure for the Main Stadium of the Kai Tak Sports Park was shipped from Zhongshan in Guangdong to Hong Kong this morning (September 13). This signifies that the Kai Tak Sports Park project will enter a new stage of construction.

The Main Stadium of the Kai Tak Sports Park can accommodate 50,000 spectators. Its roof is mainly supported by four sets of main steel trusses with spans ranging from 150 metres to 180m.

Construction of the Main Stadium is a mega-scale building project in Hong Kong. The four sets of main steel trusses are divided into two to five segments each for ease of transportation for subsequent assembly at the Kai Tak Sports Park site.

The main steel truss comprises many large steel circular hollow sections, with the diameter of the largest section being up to 1.6m. Advanced technologies, such as building information modelling (BIM) and design for manufacture and assembly, together with computer-controlled welding machines, are used in the prefabrication process to enhance the quality of work and speed up production. In addition, the project team has also used BIM for design visualisation so as to facilitate the enhancement of the design and construction processes.

The Kai Tak Sports Park will occupy 28 hectares of land. It will be the largest piece of sports infrastructure in Hong Kong, providing modern and multipurpose facilities for sports and recreation with a view to enhancing the sports culture in Hong Kong. “Pearl of the Orient” has been adopted for the facade design theme of the Sports Park’s Main Stadium.

The Main Stadium’s retractable roof and flexible design will enable the organisation of a variety of events of different scales, including international football and rugby matches, concerts and large community events.

Design, build, operate

The Kai Tak Sports Park team released updated renderings highlighting the design progress of the most anticipated sports facility in Hong Kong back in December 2020. When completed, the Populous designed Sports Park will be one of the world’s leading multi-purpose sports and entertainment precincts.

Richard Breslin, Senior Principal & Director of Populous, said:

We are excited to be able to share new images of Kai Tak Sports Park, to paint the picture of these world-class facilities for the community, as well as for international visitors to Hong Kong. Nothing of the scale or level of integration between community, sports, entertainment and retail facilities designed for Kai Tak Sports Park exists anywhere else in the world.

The iconic location with sweeping harbour views and a rich history has influenced the design that the team is working hard to deliver. Once completed, Kai Tak Sports Park will be a unique destination with world-class facilities and a thriving precinct for the community to enjoy day after day.

ASM Global’s Group Commercial Director & Senior Vice President, Europe, Tom Lynch, was one of 40+ industry expert speakers at last week’s ALSD International conference and exhibition hosted by Liverpool Football Club.

As a pioneering Design, Build and Operate project in Hong Kong, the design team has had the opportunity to work closely with the future operator, ASM Global, from an early stage to ensure the best experience for patrons and long-term viability for Kai Tak Sports Park.

The new images of the Main Stadium and Main Plaza, nestled beside the harbour at Kowloon Bay, are a good example of the benefits of having the operator embedded in the design process from the outset.

“Pearl of the Orient” has been adopted for the facade design theme of Kai Tak Sports Park’s Main Stadium
The canopy above the Main Plaza links the Main Stadium with the Indoor Sports Centre, creating a large outdoor event space

The canopy above the Main Plaza links the Main Stadium with the Indoor Sports Centre, creating a large outdoor event space with the flexibility in power, technology and services to host a range of temporary events and festivals. The central opening in the canopy roof provides a view to the Main Stadium, helping to create a sense of anticipation as patrons arrive at the heart of the precinct.

Darren Burden, Executive Director of ASM Global, said:

Kai Tak Sports Park will transform the sports landscape in Hong Kong. ASM Global will bring world class sports and entertainment events and deliver an outstanding experience to fans and clients alike. The new renders provide a tantalising glimpse as to what that experience will look and feel like and we can’t wait to start delivering events.

About Kai Tak Sports Park

Kai Tak Sports Park is the place to discover and experience the very best in sports, leisure and entertainment, in the heart of Hong Kong.

The fully integrated Sports Park will be the largest sports infrastructure in Hong Kong. It is located within easy reach from the Greater Bay Area and is designed to bring people together through world class sports and entertainment events.

Next to the Main Stadium, is the Indoor Sports Centre, with the flexibility to host community sports and events of up to 10,000 seats

Kai Tak Sports Park is designed around a Sports Avenue that runs through the precinct for easy navigation and accessibility to all parts of the Sports Park. It will end at a harbourfront promenade with spectacular Victoria Harbour views. A network of elevated walkways will also connect Kai Tak Sports Park with the neighbourhood and transportation hubs. These enhancements will ensure that Kai Tak Sports Park is a state-of-the-art facility for Hong Kong and the world.

The centrepiece is a 50,000-seat Main Stadium inspired by Hong Kong’s reputation as the “Pearl of the Orient”. It features a fully retractable roof, a flexible pitch system and a South Stand window overlooking Victoria Harbour.

Next to the Main Stadium, is the Indoor Sports Centre, with the flexibility to host community sports and events of up to 10,000 seats. 80% of the seats in the main arena are retractable, allowing the public to use up to 40 badminton courts.

A Public Sports Ground designed for community sports, sports days, training sessions and domestic competitions will also be offered at Kai Tak Sports Park together with 5,000 spectator seats. It will be opened to the public for free on non-event days.

These venues will be complemented with extensive public open spaces for events and leisure together with retail, a health and wellness centre, a bowling alley and harbour front dining spaces.

Kai Tak Sports Park is expected to be completed in 2023.

Source & imagery, courtesy: Kai Tak Sports Park

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