Venue Solutions Group announces VSG “WORKS”

Venue Solutions Group has announced the launch of a new value based, multi-faceted service, VSG WORKS, focused initially on post-pandemic venue re-opening and recovery. The platform provides venues with the timely opportunity to review their current organisation’s staffing, skillsets, operations and engineering policies & practices, including the preventive maintenance program.

VSG Managing Partner, Russ Simons, said:

We know that public assembly facilities have had to reduce all operating expenses, particularly through the furlough, layoff or direct elimination of staff and sub-contractors, and the scaling back of engineering and operations capabilities. The result of these necessary actions brings into question the ability for venues’ systems to operate properly once we move to re-start events. No one looks forward to malfunctioning boilers or air handlers, failed or inoperable plumbing, and the natural and expected effects on these systems from lack of use.

VSG Partner, Mike Wooley, added:

The VSG Works Platform is designed with value in mind. We recognize that organizations have different resources. We have designed the VSG WORKS platform to ensure that we can find a way to assist any facility regardless of resources.

The WORKS platform contains three elements:

Back to Work Plan

As venues plan for re-opening, WORKS will assist in the development of a comprehensive re-start plan that will be a critical component for local health and government agencies’ approval for re-engaging normal operations.

VSG WORKS can assist in the development of a custom, comprehensive plan that addresses the following broad content areas, along with an appendix of supporting materials as needed:

  • Guiding Principles
  • Health & Safety Protocols
  • Communications Plan
  • Guest Areas
  • Services & Operations

The plan incorporates industry best practices and is customised based on venue characteristics, local/state requirements, and applicable requirements from other stakeholders (i.e., leagues, athletic conferences, etc.). It converts guiding principles into specific, actionable protocols addressing guest areas and general venue services and operations.

Due to COVID-19, VSG can perform this service remotely.

VSG is currently performing the ‘Air Quality & Systems Survey’ service remotely, having created a scope that allows them to review mechanical plans and interview engineering staff to develop the necessary calculations and actionable information you will need when re-opening

Air Quality and Systems Survey

This is a high-level physical assessment of the facility’s HVAC filtration and mechanical circulating systems. The focus of the assessment is to ascertain if a facility’s systems can meet (or exceed) the current guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The WORKS platform includes a review the facility’s HVAC filtration and circulation systems that service the seating bowl and related public spaces, such as concourses and restrooms.

Organisational Assessment 

VSG WORKS will independently review, assess and provide information to assist in determining headcount, skillsets and the experience that your organisation will need to meet the expectations of your business partners, tenants, event producers and guests. The program entails a deep dive, through direct interview and document review, into the policies, procedures and protocols of your organisation, including culture and professional development. VSG will review what you currently use and compare it to best practices, as well as to what they have learned through their work in hundreds of other venues.


Simons confirmed:

Organizations evolve for convenience over time. It is extremely rare and usually only in the case of a new building or a major renovation that there is the time and opportunity to look at the organization independently and honestly assess if the right people and skillsets are in place and prepared to meet the challenges of the future. In this case, we’re dealing with a post-COVID operating environment. With the expected loss of staff and the loss of their institutional knowledge and experience, it is crucial that as an industry we use the time we have right now to prepare our organizations to be successful going forward.

About Venue Solutions Group (VSG)

Formed in 2011 by three former senior facility managers, VSG advises clients in all aspects of venue operations, including but not limited to, design and startup, budgeting, organisational assessments, facility condition assessments, guest experience benchmarking programs, security & safety and expense reduction. VSG is dedicated to continually improving facility performance through direct experience, benchmarking and the use of industry best practices. The company takes pride in being recognised as industry leaders in the programming, planning, preparation and performance of public assembly facilities worldwide.


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