Terraplas launches innovative social-distancing solutions

terraPOD and terraSAN are the latest developments from the world’s leading stadium turf protection brand, Terraplas. They provide an exciting opportunity giving stadiums a positive way forward in re-opening for large gathering events.

COVID-19 has caused chaos globally, with perhaps no other sector hit harder than sports and live entertainment, which was the catalyst for a range of innovative COVID-secure event solutions from the world leader in turf protection, Terraplas

Introducing terraPOD

terraPOD delivers not only a safe and secure environment but also an aesthetically-pleasing approach to social distancing, or to coin a phrase “sociable social-distancing”.

terraPOD has been borne out of the need for stadiums to increase capacity on the pitch for concerts.  This solution provides a safe environment and maintains the spectacle and atmosphere of a live event, whilst ensuring its financial viability.

terraPOD sits on top of the pitch cover, so the grass is protected, whilst patrons have a safe and clean environment to enjoy the live spectacle. The system gives stadiums the opportunity to accommodate c.4,000 socially-distanced fans on the pitch for concerts and other non-sporting events, in a COVID-secure environment

COVID-secure events

The overall height of the unit is 1.8m (6ft), with the top half being in a clear perspex. Each POD is capable of accommodating a maximum of 10 familial or “bubble” guests and can be sold by the unit giving patrons the option as to how many and who have access to their POD. Each POD incorporates a clear curtain door for privacy, ensuring a COVID-secure environment.

Robert Else, Chairman, Terraplas, said:

This exciting product allows stadiums to take a positive approach to opening up for large scale events again – something we all desperately need!

terraPOD offers the perfect canvas for sponsor and partner branding, and entertaining, with all units coming with shelving and cupholders

Smorgasbord of opportunities 

terraPOD offers great potential for venue partners and sponsors; with the  ability for the panels to be branded – creating revenue generation opportunities.

terraPOD is completely modular, offering simple, compact storage, in addition to being quick and easy to assemble and remove.

Food and beverages can be pre-ordered or ordered via the stadium app and delivered directly to patrons in their POD. All units feature beverage shelves on three sides, with cupholders, along with an F&B shelf on the rear wall.

Safe & responsible crowd control

The units are assembled in blocks of 6, with the doorways positioned on the left/right, with the audience facing the stage. There are 4m walkways between each terraPOD to ensure social distancing when accessing the stadium’s facilities, including restrooms.

In addition, the terraPOD system allows for orderly access and egress to/from the pitch area, so that patrons arriving or leaving the venue can be coordinated to control social distancing.

The new word in ‘Premium’

Premium priced PODs can be located at prime vantage points on the pitch, providing an enhanced option for premium and VIP guests. 

The terraPOD solution gives stadiums the ability to accommodate approximately 420 PODs on a pitch, which converts to a healthy revenue generating opportunity.

Step forward terraSAN

Combine terraPOD with terraSAN – the ultimate walk-through sanitiser and you have a complete package.

terraSAN units check each person’s temperature and spray a very light mist of a sanitising agent, which ensures that everyone passes a COVID-secure sanitisation process every time they enter the stadium.

Robert Else, Chairman, Terraplas commented:

With terraSAN you can be certain that all patrons and personnel are Covid-checked, with access to the stadium restricted to those who have passed through terraSAN. Combining our two products, plus other controls instigated by stadium management, means venues can once again take advantage of the considerable revenue generated by non-sporting events.

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