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PTI is a UK-based strategy consultancy, working with venues and sports organisations to realise their digital potential. We opened an Australia office in January 2021.

Company Introduction

PTI enables a digital-led business transformation for organisations and venues in the sport and entertainment industries, providing services in three interlinked pillars:

  • Commercial Services. Digital-first commercial strategy, reducing the reliance on match/event day though insight-driven business diversification.
  • Data & Digital. Driven by business objectives, enabling our clients to build, manage and utilise the right data and digital ecosystems to drive growth.
  • Venue Technology. Whether as part of a new build project or retro-fitting an existing venue as part of a data & digital and strategy we ensure our clients have the right technology infrastructure to deliver their business objectives.

Contact Information

Address: Ashton Gate Stadium, Ashton Road, Bristol BS3 2EJ, United Kingdom

Name: Ben Wells, CCO

Telephone: +44 (0)7388 943 431


Website :


PTI clients include: Oak View Group (OVG), Bristol Sport & Ashton Gate, Norwich City FC, Edgbaston, Horse Racing Ireland, E1 Series Powerboating and NBL Australia.

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PTI is a longstanding VIP Sponsor of Sports Venue Business (SVB). For further information on PTI’s portfolio of services, simply click on their logo below…



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