Telecom Italia deploys JMA’s XRAN™ in Stadio Olimpico

JMA Wireless announced today its RAN virtualised XRAN software is fully deployed and ‘live’ in Rome’s Stadio Olimpico, the world famous 70,000+ seat Serie A stadium, further proving it’s commercial readiness and significant benefits.


This important industry milestone is the result of a very exciting journey of engineering collaboration between Telecom Italia (TIM) and JMA Wireless – a global leader of wireless technology systems – in RAN transformation, specifically for multi-operator special coverage solutions utilising XRAN for virtualised RAN capabilities.


The deployment of XRAN technology is proving to empower a radically new approach in large venues, delivering on significant efficiencies, and enabling flexibility to deliver new capabilities faster than ever before. 


Domenico Angelicone, Head of Access Network Technology, said:

We are extremely pleased with the transformation of the stadium to XRAN. This is yet another important milestone in moving our network towards a true software virtualised RAN.


The live XRAN network at Stadio Olimpico – home to Serie A sides, SS Lazio and AS Roma – deployed on a multi-operator JMA Wireless TEKO DAS, is designed to optimise the mobile experience for more than 70,000 fans joining matches in Rome’s most prominent Premier League stadium, but it must also be feature rich enough for transparent hand-off to 2G, 3G and 4G cells surrounding the iconic venue.


As part of the XRAN deployment, Telecom Italia expanded the capacity of the system by nearly double for a significantly improved customer experience, yet the head-end footprint required to accomplish this shrunk by about 75%.


Traditionally, venues utilise legacy eNodeB and analogue radio technology in combination with the DAS, requiring significant space and hundreds of passive elements. This results in a very significant amount of power dissipated into heat, space requirement, and specialised cooling systems, with an overall far from optimum efficiency.


In contrast, XRAN utilises digital fibre interfaces directly from commercial off-the-shelf servers into the DAS system, eliminating completely the cumbersome passive interface with radio systems. 


Statistics show that using XRAN can reduce the head-end footprint of large venues by up to 95%, can reduce power and cooling costs by 75%, and time of deployment can be reduced by over 70%.


Angelicone added:

The ability to reduce complexity and achieve more-with-less is where XRAN is truly amazing technology and we are happy to see all those benefits achieved in practice.


TIM has deployed the world’s first XRAN® solution from JMA Wireless in Stadio Olimpico in Rome and Dacia Arena in Udine, doubling the performance of the 4.5G mobile network and laying the groundwork for an exciting new 5G digital experience for fans


XRAN’s programmability as software means it can easily be configured as needed for different venues. Stadio Olimpico for example utilises two commercial LTE bands in 1800 and 2600MHz to enable mobile 4G for fans.  


Andrea Casini, SVP, International Business and Technology for JMA Wireless, said:

This is one of multiple large venues now transformed to XRAN, further validating that XRAN software technology is ready for commercial expansion and deliver massive benefits to operators of networks.


Telecom Italia has a proven record of leading technology innovation and demonstrating industry firsts. Their selection of XRAN for Bologna city area was the first example of true virtualised RAN deployments, now with Stadio Olimpico it further demonstrates to the world that the evolution to software RAN can deliver significant benefits.


In response to the growing demand for greater connectivity and to guarantee an ever-increasing digital experience for its customers, TIM has premiered 4.5G capacity in a second high-traffic venue, with Dacia Arena in Udine now also using JMA’s XRAN virtualised RAN platform.


Telecom Italia teamed with JMA Wireless to validate the software innovation, who is leading the market with their XRAN platform, a truly disruptive technology that fundamentally transforms the entire RAN into an all software platform.


About JMA Wireless

JMA Wireless designs and builds next generation in-building and outdoor mobile wireless systems, delivering the industry’s most powerful technologies that enable LTE, 5G, and CBRS services on mobile operator networks worldwide. JMA’s XRAN leads the industry with the only 100% virtualized RAN platform, combined with its TEKO, PHAZR, NWAV, and line of RF distribution technologies. JMA Wireless is a U.S. based company with manufacturing, R&D, and sales operations in over 20 locations worldwide.


For more information visit or follow JMA Wireless on Twitter at @jmawireless Alternatively, contact David Lawrence via telephone at: +1 315-431-7126 or via email at: 


Images, courtesy: AS Roma / SS Lazio


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