Recreational Systems Europe becomes Recreational Systems International

Recreational Systems Europe (RSE) has changed its name to Recreational Systems International (RSI). The name change is a logical step due to the growing demand of clubs, stadia and overseas governments for the products and expertise of RSI’s various business units.


Products like the modular shock pad (Base Panel), LED assimilation units to stimulate and improve natural grass pitches (Rhenac), and its unique Pindot tufting technology that allows for the production of tufted synthetic turf carpets as if they have been woven, have enabled Recreational Systems Europe to continuously shake up the market and to keep introducing new innovations over the last number of years.   



This has also not gone unnoticed by clubs and authorities outside Europe, says Managing Partner of the newly monikered Recreational Systems International (RSI), Arnoud Fiolet:

Our innovative approach and drive to design and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to enable sports and allow it to evolve globally, is well-accepted outside Europe, too.


Fiolet takes Russia, the previous host of the FIFA World Cup™, and Qatar, host of the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup™, as examples:

These countries use, or have used, the [FIFA] World Cup to invest in their sports facilities. That is why we have decided to be present in these countries. The new name affirms that our products and expertise is of world-class quality.


Apart from offering a full range of products for affordable and high-quality sports facilities, RSI also aims to answer the growing demand for sustainable products, as Fiolet explains:

Schools in Japan are showing major interest in our modular subbase system, Base Panel. These panels combine both the shock pad and subbase aspects. They are a solution that allows for quick and easy installation and will last for at least 30 years.


As Japan will host the Rugby World Cup later this year, schools and municipalities are eager to improve their (multi-purpose) fields. 




The energy-saving LED floodlights RSI offers, are another example of their beneficial products, as Fiolet outlines:

These have been installed at many European clubs already, hence they benefit from their reduced energy consumption. The savings they achieve have been noticed by clubs in Africa, where electricity is not a given. They consider our LED floodlights to be a perfect solution to promote sports participation without placing undue pressure on the national energy grid. All they want is to improve sports and sports participation without hampering the national economy.


The close cooperation in the process to enable and facilitate sports internationally produces additional positives, as Fiolet explains:

In many Asian and African countries, water is a scarce commodity. That encouraged us to reconsider the concept of ‘good quality synthetic turf’ and to design a field that would be less thirsty. We have now introduced a synthetic turf field that absorbs water and releases it when the field is used. This will ensure that the field is wet enough as required, without the need for regular irrigation.


Changing the company name to Recreational Systems International is the next step to confirming their global recognition and involvement.



About Recreational Systems International (RSI)

RSI is an independent supplier of complete infrastructure for quality, sustainable and innovative sports facilities. RSI has several business units, each of which develops and delivers its own innovative solutions. These solutions have an added value for both professional facilities, as well as play grounds and sports facilities at the grassroots level. 


Images, courtesy: RSI


Main image (top): Rhenac LED system in Cologne, Germany


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