Seats with barriers now compliant with the Green Guide’s all-seater policy

The Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) has now published the long-awaited new edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds, also known as the Green Guide.


Within the ‘Spectator Accommodation – Seating’ section of the Green Guide there is, for the first time, a sub-section on what the SGSA call ‘seats incorporating barriers’ and ‘seats with independent barriers’.


Following publication of the Guide, the SGSA has also confirmed that it is possible, subject to certain provisos, e.g. Safety Advisory Group approval and an agreed management plan for the area concerned, for grounds that include seats incorporating barriers within their provision of exclusively seated accommodation to be licensed as compliant with the all-seater policy.


This gives all clubs with all-seater stadia the opportunity to enhance spectator safety in this way in areas of their ground where more active supporters are inclined to stay on their feet throughout extended moments of excitement, rather than sit passively in their seat for the full 90 minutes. It also enables clubs to get such areas of their grounds ready to be operated formally as standing areas as and when government policy allows and ready to take advantage of any future potential for increasing capacity in such areas.


In addition to these opportunities, there are, however, also risks. In some scenarios it is possible that capacity will be reduced.


The document linked to below sets out to explain and illustrate these opportunities and risks:

Seating incorporating barriers – Implications of new safety guidelines


For GBP£95, you can buy a copy of the new Green Guide here.


For further information, contact Jon Darch of the Safe Standing Roadshow via email at:


About the SGSA

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) is a world leader in spectator safety at sports grounds. The Authority works with governments, national and international governing bodies of sports, local organising committees, leagues, venues and clubs, as well as stadia architects and designers to minimise risk and help deliver safe events. Put simply, their purpose is to ensure sports grounds are safe for everyone.


The SGSA produces the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (otherwise known as the Green Guide), now in its sixth edition, which is recognised globally as the definitive statement of best practice.


The SGSA is funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. As the UK Government’s expert body of sports ground safety, we have a statutory responsibility to regulate local authorities in their oversight of safety at all football grounds in the Premier League (EPL) and the English Football League (EFL), as well as at Wembley and the Principality Stadium. It also issue licences to these stadia to enable them to admit spectators.


The SGSA also has an expanded role to provide advice and support for other sports both in the UK and internationally. This includes:


  • Strategic advice, including diagnosing physical infrastructure and safety management risks to existing, new and refurbished stadiums.
  • Proactive action planning to enable sports bodies/grounds to develop and enhance spectator safety.
  • Educating to plan and prepare for challenging scenarios through the provision of training and scenario planning programmes.


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