Schalke 04 Experience Tour: Showcasing the RSE-RHENAC Stadium Grass Grow Lighting system

Recreational Systems Europe (RSE), an ESSMA Corporate Partner, are an innovative provider of sustainable sports infrastructures, with a focus on pitch management. They have now successfully partnered with RHENAC to market the revolutionary RSE-RHENAC Stadium Grass Grow Lighting system.


Clubs such as 1. FC Köln, FC Schalke 04 and SK Rapid Wien have all successfully tested the RSE-RHENAC technology over the past couple of years.


In November 2017, the duo organised an Experience Tour to the training facilities of 1. FC Köln to showcase their LED system. Later this year, they will organise another Experience Tour, this time to FC Schalke 04, where they have integrated a fully automated RSE-RHENAC Stadium Grass Grow Lighting system.


Watch the video below to see the state-of-the art, fully automatic lighting system for stadium grass growth – which can be used on either hybrid or 100% natural grass pitches – in action:



ESSMA interviewed Tom Mathys, Business Unit Manager Recreational Systems Europe – LED Grass Grow Lighting Systems, about the fully automated RSE-RHENAC Stadium Grass Grow Lighting system implemented at Schalke 04, during their 2018 Summit held at Aviva Stadium in Dublin.


Can you explain which system will be implemented at Schalke 04? 


The LED system technology can be monitored and modified in real-time via its online dashboard. Giving groundsmen the opportunity to remotely modify the programme, when for example there are changes in temperature or climate.



Which functions are implemented in the fully automated RSE-RHENAC Stadium Grass Grow Lighting system? 

RSE-RHENAC invites you to take part in the Schalke 04 Experience Tour. More information to follow soon.



This article was created on behalf of an ESSMA commercial partner, RSE-RHENAC, who have a Content Package arrangement with Sports Venue Business (SVB). Neither ESSMA nor SVB are liable for any inaccurate or incomplete information within this article.



NB: The video interview with RSE-RHENAC’s Tom Mathys included in this piece were shot on location at Aviva Stadium during the 2018 ESSMA Summit, filmed by Sports Venue Business (SVB) Ltd on ESSMA’s behalf.



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