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Meyer Sound is a global supplier of custom-engineered audio reinforcement solutions in sporting venues of all sizes, as well as for concert touring, performing arts centres, theme parks, corporate installations and educational institutions.


In addition to manufacturing the world’s most extensive line of self-powered (active) loudspeaker systems, Meyer Sound also offers networked digital audio platforms for signal processing and show control and the Constellation active acoustic system. All products are manufactured at the Berkeley campus, with field offices and distributors providing worldwide service and support.


As sound moves to the forefront of the live sports experience, new demands come into play, like speech intelligibility, and the ability to overcome the acoustic and environmental challenged inherent in sports venues.


Meyer Sound meets these challenges with the LEO Family of line arrays systems and the CAL column array loudspeakers with advance beam steering technology. CAL systems deliver the power and clarity required by the NFL’s Carolina Panthers (Bank of America Stadium) and Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, yet with audio refinement essential for Vienna’s Musikverein and Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw.


Meyer Sound systems provide even coverage throughout the stadium, on par with that experienced in concert halls. Meyer Sound systems also offer low distortion, and announcements are always intelligible and never harsh, no matter how loud the crowd gets.


Above – Azteca Stadium: The largest sporting venue in Latin America (87,000 capacity), Azteca Stadium in Mexico City has installed the most extensive system to date of Meyer Sound’s CAL column array loudspeakers with digital beam steering technology. The lower seating ring is covered by 24 CAL 64 loudspeakers with bass extension from 10 600-HP subwoofers, while the upper ring is covered by 26 CAL 96 and eight CAL 64 loudspeakers. It is the first AVB-networked stadium system in Latin America with all CAL loudspeakers and three GALAXY 816 processors connected via 12 Extreme Networks switches



California Memorial Stadium, Berkeley, CA, USA

Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC, USA

Colorado State Stadium, Fort Collins, CO, USA

Ford Field, Detroit, MI, USA

Lund Arena, St. Peter, MN, USA

Stadium MK, Buckinghamshire, UK

Ohio Stadium, Columbus, OH, USA

Qatar Tennis Stadium, Qatar

Vendespace, Paris, France



Full company name: Meyer Sound

Address: 2832 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA, 94702, USA


Tel: +1 510-486-1166



Above – Ford Field: A Meyer Sound LEO Family linear reinforcement system is the keystone audio component of the 65,000-seat enclosed stadium that hosts home games for the NFL’s Detroit Lions. “I think our fans will be blown away by the sound this season” predicts Todd Argust, vice president of operations for the Detroit Lions. “There is no place in the venue where you won’t be able to clearly hear all the play announcements and calls by the officials – which unfortunately was not the case with our old system. It also will be a valuable tool for getting our fans pumped up at critical points in the game, so ultimately it will help the Lions perform at their best here at Ford Field.”



Main image (top) – Ohio Stadium: 105,000-seat Ohio State University Stadium relies on Meyer Sound’s LEO Family for its sports and events dual-functionality. The core LEO system is anchored by twin hangs of 14-each LEO-M line array loudspeakers with bass bolstered by ten 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements. A Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system with two Callisto 616 array processors supplies drive and optimization. Mounted inside the video screen scoreboard structure at the south end of the mammoth oval, the potent LEO system projects sound across the bowl, reaching over 900 feet to the top seats on the north end

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