CASE STUDY: Bobby Sloane discusses how the Major Series of Putting is redefining Golf

As a senior architect technician at Populous, Bobby Sloane has more than six years of project experience, including multiple Olympic and World Cup bids, NFL Super Bowls and NHL Winter Classics. In the following Case Study, he outlines how the Major Series of Putting is redefining Golf.


Bobby advised how the concept has evolved to a stunning reality:

In the fall [autumn] of 2015, Montreal-based MSOP Entertainment Inc. called us a with a dream and the beginning of an innovative idea: bring the action of an authentic 18-hole putting course from city to city by means of a mobile flat pack set-up. The touring putting facility could pop up at competition sites around the world, infusing the sport of putting – one putt, one ball, one hole – with the high stakes Las Vegas thrills of having thousands and potentially millions of dollars on the line. Within 24 months’ time since that initial phone call, our design team is delivering a game-changing event to the public called the Major Series of Putting (MSOP).


Guillaume Béland, President and General Manager of MSOP Entertainment Inc., said:

Prior to meeting with Populous we had one idea of what our venue should look like, but after our initial visioning session we quickly realized we were creating something completely new. With Populous’ creative guidance we were able to produce a first-of-its-kind world-class putting venue. We are extremely proud of the final product and can’t think of a better way to introduce the MSOP to the world.


The inaugural tournament features 10 days of action-packed competition in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, with professional and amateur golfers alike competing for a large cash prize. For months now, golfers across the country have competed in qualifying rounds at select golf courses in North America for the chance to win a place at the MSOP.


Visioning a New Sport

After an initial visioning session with MSOP in October of 2015, it became clear this venue wasn’t going to look or feel like a traditional golf course. The facility needed a modern look representative of the sport of putting. Realising we needed to make a strong statement we kept coming back to the beauty and simplicity of the sport – “One putt, one ball, one hole, sink it and you win.” 


As conversations evolved from ideas into sketches, the circular form of the ‘cup’ and the ‘ball’ and the inherent connection of the two started to fit the bill of what a temporary putting stadium should look like.



Jeff Keas, Populous Principal-in-Charge for the project, said:

Designing the MSOP stadium was a unique experience because there is no precedence in place. There is no such venue in the world. We had no boundaries in developing the conceptual design and therefore we were able to explore countless new ideas in order to help MSOP create their vision.


Evolving out of those initial sketches are two prominent features of the facility: a first of its kind circular field of play with an elevated ring enclosing the entire facility called the halo. The statement of the circular field of play allows for a natural front and back nine along with maximum views to the field of play, patron flow and integration of skills (wagering) games. This format encourages 360-degree movement so fans never miss the action of their favorite putter. In addition, in the spirit of enhancing competition, a central playoff hole was designed to break ties and focus the attention to the center when all the money is on the line.


Blurring the Lines

MSOP stadium caters to the way the modern fan watches and interacts with sports. It satisfies fans’ needs by placing them closer to the action and allowing them to participate in the game. This temporary venue blurs the lines between fan and athlete more than any event in the industry right now. All facets of the venue are designed in a way to encourage participation – whether it be the million dollar putt, skill games, tournament play or cash games. There is truly an experience for everyone at MSOP.


The stadium accommodates 2,000 spectators but encourages fans to explore. One noticeable difference between MSOP stadium and a traditional professional stadium is that there isn’t fixed seating for spectators. This was designed purposefully. Seats are available in the clubhouse bar area, and standing or walking room is available in the walkway surrounding the course as well as the outfield area.


The construction of the temporary facility began August 28, 2017, and is ready for the world stage two short months later. What once began as an empty blacktop parking lot right off the world-famous Las Vegas Strip was transformed into an innovative, authentic putting venue. It will just as quickly return to its original state, leaving no permanent structures behind.




Populous delivers temporary venues for a variety of major events like the Fort Bragg Game, a Major League Baseball regular season game played on an active military base. A ballpark that met all MLB criteria was constructed to host the one-time event.


Bobby Sloan has more than 11 years of project experience including multiple Olympic and World Cup bids, the Fort Bragg Game, NFL Super Bowls and NHL Winter Classics. The Winter Classic has allowed Bobby to create designs that have transformed many of America’s greatest sporting venues, including Wrigley Field and Fenway Park, into amazing settings for an outdoor hockey experience.



Source & images, courtesy: Populous


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