SPORTS VENUE DESIGN: Revolutionary concept turns thousands of years of arena design inside-out

In what is being billed as a “staggering breakthrough in arena design”, one of the world’s most innovative sports and entertainment architecture firms, ROSSETTI, have come up with a revolutionary concept ‘The Inverted Bowl by ROSSETTI’ that quite literally turns thousands of years of arena design convention inside-out.


Instead of sloping away, The Inverted Bowl by ROSSETTI leans in: thrilling tiered seating catapults viewers closer to the action for broadcast quality views. Remarkably, the worst seats in the house become the best. Cantilevered balconies thrust seating forward for broadcast-quality views of the performance floor for every type of event.


The Inverted Bowl℠ by ROSSETTI is a unique concept that also creates animated and vibrant balcony levels that promote social interactions and engagement. The result is a live entertainment experience unlike any other: a concept that immerses fans in the action and quite literally transforms venue design.


The Inverted Bowl℠ delivers all the excitement of attending an event at a big venue (and more) with the benefits of an intimate setting—changing forever the way attendees engage with live entertainment.


The days of sports fans and concert goers attending a game or show to watch every last second with gripping focus are long gone. Today’s millennial-minded fans of all ages thirst for continuous engagement.


The Inverted Bowl℠ design creates a series of projecting balconies that feature immersive social space not currently in existence in any performance venue. By eliminating massive single purpose concourses, the open volume allows the atmosphere of the bowl to flood through the space.


For hundreds of years, the upper bowl of any entertainment venue has been associated with negative ROI. Every row away from the event surface is progressively more expensive to build and generates proportionally less revenue. It doesn’t add up.


The smaller volume of The Inverted Bowl℠ design radically reduces both capital and operating costs. The fixed costs are also considerably less, starting with 22% less overall steel tonnage, contributing to 15% lower construction costs.


Based on advanced proformas, The Inverted Bowl℠ design boosts revenue projections by an astonishing 20-30%.


Unlike most arenas, The Inverted Bowl℠ is meant to seamlessly integrate into urban environments. It can fit within city block units as a result of the smaller footprint and perimetres will allow for programmed spaces. Public funding for venues is rapidly declining, and that trend will continue for the foreseeable future. They must be smaller and faster to construct with lower construction and materials investment required.

To find out more about The Inverted Bowl℠, watch the video online at:



The Inverted Bowl℠ is a registered service mark


Images, copyright: ROSSETTI


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