MCG trials technology to improve queue times

Whether it’s a day at the cricket, Friday night footy or a blockbuster concert, one of the biggest frustrations for fans is waiting in line for food or drinks while the action unfolds.


In a ground-breaking initiative to ease the burden for fans, the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) has partnered with international technology company WaitTime to trial an innovative crowd intelligence system at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).


The MCG is the first venue in the Southern Hemisphere to work with WaitTime, whose product is being used at major sports stadiums in America.


Utilising artificial intelligence, sensors and advanced algorithms, the technology will track queues and wait times at a selection of food and beverage outlets at the stadium. This information will be displayed across dedicated screens, providing patrons with transparency over queue times for nearby outlets and ultimately empowering fans to make informed decisions about when and where they go for their food and drinks.


With installation underway, the technology is set to be ready for trial during the AFL Finals Series.


MCC CEO, Stuart Fox, said the club was pleased to be trialling the innovative technology, in the hopes of enhancing customer experience:

Queue times are a major challenge for large venues such as the MCG – when you have thousands of people trying to place an order at peak times you are always going to have some level of delay.

This system will not only help to inform MCG patrons about the expected wait time, but also show and direct them to other nearby outlets that they may not have previously considered, and which may result in a quicker service experience.


The MCG will initially trial the technology on the ground level and basement level in the public areas of the Great Southern Stand and Olympic Stand.


WaitTime CEO, Zachary Klima, said the organisation was thrilled to be partnering with Australia’s most iconic sporting stadium:

As an incredibly forward-thinking venue, dedicated to creating amazing experiences for their patrons, MCG is the perfect partner for WaitTime as we debut our technology in the southern hemisphere.
We’re looking forward to working with Australia’s biggest and most renowned stadium to ensure fans spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the entertainment.


WaitTime’s real-time data keeps fans updated on traffic and in-game issues like reduced speed of service, closed points of sale and concourse pain points


Guests can also view WaitTime from their seats using your venue or team app


WaitTime is displayed on concourse monitors at key decision-making points, allowing guests to know exactly where to go


Main image (top), courtesy: MCG


Images above, courtesy: WaitTime


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