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Venue and Event Management Software.


Momentus Technologies (previously Ungerboeck) is a worldwide company, with 450+ global employees located in 15 countries. Our corporate offices are based in: St. Louis, USA; Karlsruhe, Germany; and Brisbane, Australia.


Momentus Technologies is a global provider of industry-leading venue and event management solutions that empower organizations to create extraordinary moments. With over 60,000 users in more than 57 countries, Momentus serves the needs of convention and exhibition centers, higher education, corporate, stadiums and arenas, and arts and culture centers. Its powerful intuitive platform alongside intelligent data-driven solutions and unparalleled expertise provides customers a view of past, present, and future event operations to increase end-to-end visibility, optimize efficiency and achieve business goals.

As the global leader in stadium and arena booking software, we serve more than 300 stadiums and arenas worldwide. The Momentus platform is intuitively designed to manage sales, booking, contracting, inventory, event production, financials and more – all purpose-built to optimize workflows for stadiums and arenas.

When your entire team works from the same set of real-time information on the Momentus platform, you stop wasting time on duplicate data entry, document tracking and transfer and the never-ending battle against constant change management and notifications. Utilizing our end-to-end software can streamline the complexities of managing your large-scale stadium or arena and enable you to try new things and move the needle on what’s possible with your space. By implementing better strategies and technology solutions, you can increase revenue, reduce cost, boost productivity, improve efficiency, and ensure long-term profitability. 


Momentus is the global leader in flexible, comprehensive venue management software for stadia and arenas




Full company name: Momentus Technologies

Contact person: Stacie Bauer

Address: 100 Ungerboeck Park, St. Louis, MO 63368, United States


Tel: +1 636-300-5606 x 113




Momentus Technologies strives to empower people that bring people together through the development, sale and service of innovative software solutions that enable amazing events. We aim to serve as a strategic partner for our clients as they face the challenges of an increasingly dynamic industry—always working to provide the best available tools and technology to help them adapt and thrive.


Momentus is the solution to superior booking, planning and executing on game day and every day in between


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