Time to change the stadium security mindset: Are you on board?

In the first part of this Featured Article from security expert James A. DeMeo M.S.Subject Matter Expert-Event Security, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Servant Leader, Game Changerwe learn about the vital role of stadium security and why everyone needs to be on board.


Learning all you possible can about the Event Management vertical places you in a position of strength while protecting the space. Those entrusted with duty of care are best served availing themselves of continuing education and training modules to help reduce event staff turnover.


Let’s face it. Today’s Sports and Entertainment Industry is a big bucks business. Don’t you want the most highly trained security/guest services professionals protecting your brand, athletes, fans and investments? Think about it. It makes perfect sense.


The threats, challenges and vulnerabilities continue for stadium ownership groups on a daily basis. Managing the ebb and flow of patrons inside your stadium, venue or arena is without question hard work. Understanding the crowds/demographics that will be attracted to attending your venue is key for safely managing the space.


Now is the time to let experts assist you with protecting your bottom line. It’s downright foolish to think you can get by, just winging it and hoping for the best. Security leaders are not fear mongers. Rather, security leaders are proactive risk mitigation specialists whose goal is for you to maintain your business operations at the highest level possible.


Why wait for something to go wrong? You will just end up doing damage control, brand image will be tarnished and fans will shy away from attending your venue. There is way too much at stake these days. Why take any chances? Why be that organization that stands out for all the wrong reasons? You owe it to yourself, athletes and the well paying fans. It’s that simple. It makes perfect sense.


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James A. DeMeo M.S., is regarded as a SME in Event Security both in the U.S and throughout the world. DeMeo offers carefully tailored staff training modules which are client focused and employee centric. Furthermore, DeMeo’s attention to detail makes him a thought leader in the Event Management space. You can find DeMeo on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook-Sports Security Professionals, Instagram, Google, podcasts, research projects, sport safety journals/publications, national conferences, speaking engagements at numerous colleges/universities, just about anyplace you see the fascinating world of Sports Security. This is without question a highly specialised niche market in the Sports & Entertainment Industry. This is Mr. DeMeo’s impact and passion.


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