Los Angeles, Budapest and Paris enter final stage of 2024 Candidature Process

Los Angeles, Budapest and Paris* have now entered the final stretch of the 2024 Candidature Process. By submitting their Candidature File Stage 3: “Games Delivery, Experience and Venue Legacy” by the set deadline of 3 February, 2017, the three Candidate Cities vying to organise the Olympic Games in 2024 are moving to the last phase of the competition. The election of the 2024 host city will take place on 13 September in Lima, Peru.


Frank Fredericks, the IOC Evaluation Commission Chair, said:

This is one of the most important milestones for the Candidate Cities and for the IOC.  With the delivery of this third file, we can now consider each project in its entirety. Since the launch of the Candidature Process, we have been in constant dialogue with the cities and have seen first-hand their projects taking shape. The excitement is continuing to build as we reach the final stretch of the competition. We have all learned and benefited from the new philosophy promoted by Olympic Agenda 2020, and I personally very much look forward to visiting the three cities this spring.


Olympic Agenda 2020 has shaped the Candidature Process around an open dialogue between the candidates and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


The IOC is assisting each city to develop its best individual value proposition based on legacy, sustainability and alignment with the long-term development plans of the city/region.


The IOC Evaluation Commission will now visit Los Angeles (23-25 April), Budapest (10-12 May) and Paris (14-16 May), before publishing a final report that will be provided to all IOC Members, and made public in advance of the “Candidate City 2024 Briefing for IOC Members and Summer Olympic International Federations” on 11 and 12 July 2017.


As a result of the implementation of Olympic Agenda 2020 and the new philosophy overriding the 2024 Candidature Process, the concept and format of the Evaluation Commission visits have been enhanced.


The Evaluation Commission will spend three days in each city and will benefit for the first time from information gathered beforehand by a number of IOC expert advisors.  Advisors on several areas such as transport, venues, finance and sustainability will be visiting the three Candidate Cities in the coming weeks and will report to the Evaluation Commission before the actual visits.


These pre-visits will allow Candidate Cities to address detailed technical matters directly with IOC advisors in advance of the Evaluation Commission visits, hence ensuring thorough due diligence. As a consequence, the Evaluation Commission will conduct more targeted visits focusing on the delivery of the Olympic Games and on the athletes’ experience.


The delivery of the Candidature File Stage 3 also marks the beginning of international promotion. The three Candidate Cities are now allowed to promote their projects outside their national boundaries.


The Candidature Process is composed of three stages over two years leading up to the election of the host city for the Olympic Games 2024:

  • Stage 1: Vision, Games Concept and Strategy
  • Stage 2: Governance, Legal and Venue Funding
  • Stage 3: Games Delivery, Experience and Venue Legacy 


All three Candidate Cities have less than eight months to continue to develop projects fully in line with Olympic Agenda 2020 on how the Olympic Games can best fit into the long-term vision for the sustainable development of their cities.


* Cities are listed in the order of drawing of lots


Source: IOC.org



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