Ungerboeck Software launches new e-Commerce product for exhibitor sales & service

Ungerboeck Software – a global leader in flexible, comprehensive event and venue management software – recently announced the launch of its venue-focused, e-commerce solution for exhibitor sales and service. 


Driven by Ungerboeck’s best-in-class venue management software and an easy, intuitive client-facing platform, Exhibitor Service Center works to increase the volume and value of exhibitor orders, while simultaneously improving communication with exhibitors and operations alike.


Ungerboeck Software CEO, Manish Chandak, said:


Services like electrical, internet, security, rigging and items such as furniture and catering are presented via a branded website with a familiar, Amazon-like user experience. Recommendations, suggestions, required services, related upgrades and bundled packages make upsells and cross-sells easy and natural, while the ability to designate featured items draws attention to best-sellers and offerings with higher profit margins.


Easy access to important information, like deadlines for advance and standard pricing cutoffs, item descriptions and instructions cuts down on time-intensive back and forth with exhibitors, while the immediate availability of submitted orders in both the Ungerboeck database and to the operations team eliminates confusion with venue staff.


Ungerboeck Vice President of Product Marketing, Shannon Terrill, said:

The real value of the solution is that it ties the front-end experience to all of order processing including payments, inventory, item placement and delivery times. Just in the short time it’s been available to our Beta users and early adopters, there have been some significant year-over-year increases in exhibitor sales and satisfaction – and this is all as they’ve spent less time and energy focused on exhibitor sales and service.


The additional ability to create multiple sites, specifically branded for each show with options for dynamic inventory and pricing per show or exhibitor brings with it the power to import exhibitor lists to facilitate pre-show outreach—transforming exhibitor sales for venues into a genuinely proactive process.


Chanyak added:

The early adopter response has been overwhelming with several of the top venues in the world already implementing it.


This is truly a game-changer for our venue customers.



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