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Cagliari present the Sardegna Arena

Italian Serie A side, Cagliari, have presented plans for their fast-track temporary new home, the 16,000-capacity ‘Sardegna Arena’ (Sardinia Arena), at a press conference this week, held by club President and owner, Tommaso Giulini, the President of the Region, Francesco Pigliaru, and the Mayor of Cagliari, Massimo Zedda.


Cagliari confirmed that they will play their home matches at the new 16,000-capacity Sardegna Arena while work continues on their new stadium, the 21,000-seat Sant’Elia that is due to open in two years’ time.


Work on the temporary stadium, which is being constructed in the parking lots of what will be the club’s new stadium – the currently under-construction Sant’Elia – is now underway, with a four month fast-track build expected, ready to host matches in time for the start of the 2017/18 season, which kicks off in August.


It is expected that the project will cost around €8m ($8.7m/£6.8m), which will be covered by the club.


Speaking at the start of the press conference, club President & owner, Giulini, said:

I thank the President of the Region and the Mayor of Cagliari for the start believed in this project and supporting us. My thanks also go to all the directors and officers of the City and the Region, CONI, Fire Brigade, Police Headquarters, the Prefecture and all institutions featured in the provincial securities commission.


It’s not easy to jump right in bureaucracy, the harmony between the various parties is fundamental to get to this stage. For us now the work begins. Our goal was to be able to stay in Cagliari: we did it, even if I take this opportunity to thank all the mayors who have tried to convince us to build the stadium in their municipalities. In the yard they will work up to 150 people, who can boast with pride of having contributed to one of the greatest works of the city. Our sense of responsibility and that of Blue Shark, we have chosen to carry out the work, is very high, the ball we’ve got now.


As for the cost, considering those for dismantling the old Main Stand, construction of the new stadium, decor and future dismantling, and parking lots recovery, we arrive at a total investment by the Club of about €8m.


There will be four warm months, during which we will work 7 days out of 7, even at night, but I believe that those involved will be happy to contribute to the objective: the inauguration of the stadium for the first day of the next championship. It would be a miracle because it is not a foregone conclusion putting up a stadium from Serie A in four months, but it would also be a very important victory for the whole island. That’s why we have chosen, in agreement with the President of the Region, to call the stadium “Sardegna Arena”.


Mayor Zedda, said:

It was a team effort, for the serenity, involvement, sharing of choices, the project depth. The City Council has given the green light in the fastest times for the various bureaucratic steps in order to comply, first in Italy, the timing provided by the new law on stadiums.


Few would have bet on, in 2011, about the possibility of having not only the upgrading of the stadium but also the context. Among the various redevelopment projects that are parties lacked the most visible, even on the plane. I’m happy to have reached a stage of each solution. The [new] stadium will be the key engine for an entire island, populated by families. I welcome the name chosen by a sharing of intent. I just have to thank Cagliari Calcio, President Giulini and his associates, who have approached this process with professionalism and with seriousness have supported the institutions in a process which we hope will serve as momentum also to the technical events of the team.


The conclusion was entrusted to Regional President, Francesco Pigliaru, who said:

We believed in this project, is an important and courageous investment that brings jobs and wealth. We have recognised the public interest and we accompanied them, step by step, to overcome the difficulties and bureaucratic obstacles. It was a team effort among departments, because all the pieces go to the right place quickly-starting its reasoning for the final stage, which we will have in a few years, the possibility of a soft loan of Sfirs, regional financial, until the approval of the zoning variations necessary for Sardinia Arena today. Sardinia must present the world as an increasingly recognisable territory and excellence like this make all the difference.


After the presentation, there was the laying of the first stone in the construction of the stadium, with the blessing of Don Carlo Rotondo.


During the announcement, Director of Sales, Marketing and Communication, Mario Passetti, also said that the fans will be the stars of the project as they will have the opportunity, through a creative selection, to create the logo for the new stadium.


Source: http://www.cagliaricalcio.com/news/ultimissime/16169/presentata-la-sardegna-arena (Translation via Google.)


Image, courtesy: Cagliari Calcio


Watch the video of the press conference on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/s3ZxwxPrVow


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