300.00 / month

Exclusivity for your industry niche, banner adverts on the website & e-News, an Enhanced Directory listing, regular Featured Articles, Interviews & Case Studies and videos.

Within this package, VIP clients are recognised as the EXCLUSIVE sponsor for their industry niche, with their banner adverts appearing on our homepage, Directory pages and within the Weekly e-News Report for the duration of the contract, i.e. 12 months. They also receive an Enhanced SVB Directory listing (to include: company name; full contact details; a signature projects showcase, including imagery; and then either a mission statement or a statement from a company principal), in addition to optimised editorial exposure (i.e. up to 3x Featured Articles, 3x Interviews and 3x Case Studies), as well as having their press releases, videos and news stories appearing within the SVB Weekly e-News Report and across the platform for the duration of the contract.

It also includes sponsorship of a webinar session, i.e. “Webinar Powered/Sponsored by…” with a company representative to be one of the panelists.