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Associations & Organisations

There are numerous sports-venue-related associations and organisations providing niche content and assistance to those involved in different aspects of the industry and focused on different geographical regions. These include:


ALSD – Association of Luxury Suite Directors: https://alsd.com/


EAA – European Arenas Association: http://www.europeanarenas.com/


EPFL – European Professional Football Leagues: http://www.epfl-europeanleagues.com/


ESSMA – European Association for Stadium & Safety Managers: https://www.essma.eu/en/


ESTO – European Synthetic Turf Organisation: http://www.theesto.com/


IAKS – International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities: www.iaks.org  


IAVM – International Association of Venue Managers: http://iavm.org/


ICSS – International Centre for Sport Security: http://www.theicss.org/en


IOG – Institute of Groundsmanship: http://www.iog.org/


INTIX – International Ticketing Association: http://www.intix.org/


MEI – Major Events International: http://www.majoreventsinternational.com/


NAA – National Arenas Association: http://www.nationalarenasassociation.com/


NCS4 – National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security: https://www.ncs4.com/


SMA – Stadium Managers Association: http://www.stadiummanagers.org/


VMA – Venue Managers Association: http://vma.org.au/


UKVMA – UK Venue Managers Association: www.ukvma.org or http://stadiummanager.co/


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Similarly, if you work at an Industry Association or Organisation that is not currently listed above, then please email: katie@sportsvenuebusiness.com