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Geiger Engineers celebrate 30th Anniversary

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Geiger Engineers – one of Sports Venue Business’ longstanding advertisers – experts in designing tensile membrane and long-span structures.


In July of 1988, David Geiger along with a group of former colleagues from Geiger Associates founded Geiger Engineers.


Over the course of the past three decades, the company has continued on the engineering path set by David Geiger by designing tensile membrane and long-span structures, while also branching out into a range of project types from retractable roofs to entertainment installations.


Speaking about this significant milestone, David M. Campbell, President, Geiger Engineers, said:

Geiger Engineers is proud of its history and excited to be solving new and interesting engineering challenges.


About Geiger Engineers

Geiger Engineers has achieved international recognition for its innovative engineering of tensile structures, long-span roof structures, and sports facilities. The firm has successfully completed a wide variety of membrane tensile structure projects both nationally and internationally. The firm was established in 1988 by David Geiger and a group of former associates in Geiger Berger, a firm instrumental in the development of a number of permanent structural fabric and membrane materials, including TEFLON™ coated fibreglass®.


Geiger Engineers has unparalleled expertise in tensile membrane structures of all sizes, with a significant concentration of the firm’s practice in long-span roof structures, both conventional and tensile membrane. In the specialised field of tensile structures, the firm provides membrane patterning for fabrication; erection and stressing engineering for construction; as well as design.


The firm has invented and developed a number of long-span structural systems renowned for their economy and has demonstrated its ability to optimise more conventional structural systems. With in-depth experience engineering and detailing a vast array of materials, Geiger Engineers has earned a reputation for finding cost-effective, creative and technologically appropriate solutions to a wide variety of engineering problems.


Geiger Engineers’ practice is dedicated to providing engineering services for public assembly, sports and entertainment venues and events. Working together for more than thirty years, principals of the firm have been directly involved in the construction of well over one hundred major sports facilities, representing a total aggregate seating capacity in excess of a million seats. We have successfully completed significant projects across the United States as well as in Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Germany, Korea, England, Malaysia, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Innovative engineering combined with intimate knowledge of the building type has made many of our projects renowned benchmarks of economical construction.


Geiger Engineers has unique expertise in all aspects of arena structures, long span roof systems, seating decks and framing systems suited to the building type. The group consults to the entertainment industry, engineering stage rigging and special effects for entertainment events. This aspect of the practice keeps it abreast of the ever-changing technical demands these events make on arena and multi-purpose live entertainment facilities.


Its depth of experience and specialised expertise allows them to focus quickly on appropriate materials and systems to economically realise the architectural and programmatic goals of any arena project.


For further information on Geiger Engineers, go to: https://geigerengineers.com/home or check out their SVB Directory listing by clicking on the image below…


BC Place Stadium, Vancouver White Caps match, Photo by Michael Elkan


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