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JOB OF THE WEEK: Europe Facilities & Events Security, NBA EMEA

We’re delighted to bring you the latest Job of the Week – powered by GlobalSportsJobs – which is for a Europe Facilities & Events Security Manager at NBA EMEA.


Position Description: 
The position will help maintain the safety of NBA employees, facilities, special events and critical information throughout the European region. This position will be the Security Department’s primary point of contact for all security matters, including the security of games and special events in the European region. This role will also include developing appropriate law enforcement liaisons, conducting investigations and other duties, such as facilities and personnel security as assigned.


Major Responsibilities: 
•    Perform assessments, analysis, and planning for NBA games and special events throughout the European region.
•    Develop security plans and oversee the implementation of these plans for all NBA Global Games and/or special events throughout the European region.
•    Utilising open source databases to prepare reports for NBA Senior Management that provide an overview of current trends, threats, and risks associated with new, emerging, and/or current European markets.
•    Conduct investigations involving game and/or event incidents, NBA players, staff and others as necessary and directed.
•    Serve as the Security Department’s primary point of contact in the European region responsible for liaising with additional NBA departments to facilitate and coordinate all efforts for international events; will ensure that best practices, proactive and preventative security measures, and contingency planning are integrated into the overall planning process for international games and special events.
•    Keep the Senior Vice President, Deputy Chief Security Officer and Associate Vice President, International Events and Facilities Security, current on all international security issues that could impact NBA business in European markets; ensuring full integration of security planning within the international business planning process.
•    Utilise database reviews as well as other resources to prepare reports for NBA Senior Management that provides security risks, issues and concerns in new international markets that are being considered as well as existing markets where the NBA has a presence or interests.
•    Responsible for the overall management and administration of security matters in the region to include related security advance work (threat/risk Assessment), facilities security and personnel security matters and crisis management duties as assigned.
•    Prepare monthly reports detailing security resource expenditures and results for the European region.
•    Conduct employee investigations as necessary to include internal thefts, employee misconduct and others, as directed.
•    Work with the Senior Vice President, Deputy Chief Security Officer in preparing budget reports and related analysis as directed.
•    Serve as liaison/contact with local, regional and national law enforcement agencies, professional security organisations, and the Regional Security Office, U.S. Embassy.
•    Attend security training seminars and join nationally recognized security associations in order to keep NBA Security apprised of new security trends, issues, and risks in the European region.
•    Management of Card Access, CCTV and perimeter control systems in the European offices
•    Conduct periodic building security surveys at the direction of the Security Department.
•    Serve as the point person for maintaining and updating the office emergency response procedures to include crisis planning/business continuity for each European building and provide necessary related training to staff.


Required Experience & Knowledge: 
•    10 years of previous relevant experience in law enforcement/international security operations in the European region. A strong background with specific emphasis on international corporate security and event planning.
•    A strong working knowledge of law enforcement, social and cultural issues in the European region that could have an impact on the NBA’s mission.
•    Extensive experience in developing security assessments in advance of special events and/or executive travel.
•    Exceptional oral and written communication skills with an emphasis on being able to prepare clear, comprehensive and meaningful reports for NBA Senior Management relating to international security matters, security plans, and investigative reports.
•    Demonstrated knowledge and proficiency with various computer applications.
•    Self-starter with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work cohesively as part of a team effort.
•    Strong computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel).
•    Working knowledge of social media and cybersecurity practices.
•    Minimum of 10 years of law enforcement and/or high-level security related experience in the European region.
•    Prior experience with security and special event planning, threat assessment/risk analysis, and thorough grasp of crowd control/ management strategies.
•    Supervisory/management experience in previous positions is desirable.


Educational Background Required: 
•    Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. An advanced degree is desirable.
•    Formal education/training in security-related matters is a plus.
•    Some international travel is required for this position.



The NBA’s entity that conducts the league’s business in Europe was formed in 1997 in Geneva, Switzerland.


The NBA is committed to growing the sport, and stages regular-season games in partnership with FIBA, local federations and the Euroleague.


For the full Job Description and details on how to apply, click here.


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