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Everton shares New Stadium Principles

English Premier League side, Everton Football Club, has laid out its ‘Key Principles’ for the development of a new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock and an enduring legacy for its current Goodison Park home ground.


The eleven principles – outlined below – were put together following a survey of thousands of Evertonians and include a commitment to building an iconic landmark on the City’s waterfront, which will become a fortress for Everton, as well as a pledge to continue serving the residents and the community of Liverpool 4.


Everton Chief Executive, Robert Elstone, said:

Our stadium should be built to meet the needs and expectations of the people who will use it: our players, our partners and, above all, our fans.


To understand those views, we’ve aggregated what we’ve heard and what we’ve read to develop what we are calling our ‘Key Principles’. We’d like to share those principles, to test and amend – or refine them – and to use them to frame the ideas and expectations of our fans.


He added:

I know all Evertonians are excited by the prospect of a new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock and whilst we have a long way to go to achieve our ambition, the Club remains confident and fully committed.


We recognise how important it will be to listen to our fans and I’m pleased to invite you to play a key part in shaping the most important period in our Club’s history. 


To help guide and organise your feedback and ideas, we have developed Key Principles, not just for our new home at Bramley-Moore Dock but also for our legacy at Goodison Park and Liverpool 4.


The principles set out the benefits for the city of Liverpool in terms of the financial contribution the new stadium will provide to the Council and how the development will kick-start regeneration in the north docks area of Liverpool.


Real estate consultants CBRE estimates that a new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock will provide a £1bn boost to the local economy, with an injection of more than £900m to the city region before the stadium is even completed.


The Bramley-Moore Dock site, where Everton plan to build a new state-of-the-art stadium. Courtesy: Everton FC


Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, said:

Liverpool City Council is fully committed to working with the Club to deliver what will be an iconic new football stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock. The opportunity for Everton’s new home to play a key role in the regeneration of an area of the city which holds incredible potential is very exciting.


The project doesn’t just benefit North Liverpool but the whole of Liverpool because the City Council will benefit hugely from the financial return we get which will enable us to support frontline services in this City.


The Club outlined the eleven principals as follows:


OUR FORTRESS: Our stadium will be a great place to play football. We will prioritise all football-related facilities and ensure all aspects of on-field performance are at the forefront of our plans. Creating and harnessing an atmospheric, intense and passionate environment will optimise our results. Our design will ensure that the benefit of home advantage is maximised. Just as the Gwladys Street has famously done in the past, the support from the home end will ‘suck the ball into the net’. Our new stadium will be our footballing fortress.

A NEW HOME FOR EVERTON: Our new stadium will become our home. Our fans will play a key role in the design and configuration of the new stadium. We will create an environment surrounding the stadium where fans will enjoy congregating and socialising – and an environment inside the stadium that will capture and amplify the intensity and intimacy of Goodison Park.

A PLATFORM FOR GROWTH: The new stadium will provide increased capacity, modern and innovative premium seating options, exciting opportunities for our partners and globally showcase our naming rights partner from our unique location. We will create an environment that will encourage repeat visits from our broadcast partners. All of the above will enhance the profitability of the Club and eliminate the financial constraints of Goodison Park.

THE PEOPLE’S CLUB: Our commitment to affordable ticket pricing will ensure our stadium is accessible to the widest of audiences. Our state-of-the-art facilities will encourage regular visits from all fans irrespective of age or ability. We will endeavour to make the stadium available for use all year round – not just on matchdays. A new ‘living and breathing’ community will develop adjacent to Bramley-Moore Dock. We will forge partnerships with local businesses and ensure our new home captures the spirit of our great City.

AN ICONIC LANDMARK FOR LIVERPOOL: We will develop an iconic stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock. A venue that will sit proudly on our world-famous city skyline; a venue that will complement our City’s rich and envied heritage.EASY TO GET TO, EASY TO GET HOME: Bramley-Moore Dock sits within the historic Liverpool waterfront and close to Goodison Park. Our new home will be easily accessed by road, rail and public transport links.

A LEGACY FOR GOODISON PARK: We will create a unique and innovative legacy for the Goodison Park site, providing sustainability for businesses and residents for generations to come.RESPECTING HERITAGE: We will respect our maritime heritage, capture the features and essence of our new neighbourhood and restore, and make features of, key structures on the site.HARNESSING THE ENVIRONMENT: We will harness the environmental power of the Bramley-Moore Dock site. Our aim is to be environmentally efficient in both design and construction.

EMBRACING TECHNOLOGY: Our new stadium will provide cutting-edge technology to support matchday entertainment. We will embrace existing and emerging digital solutions. Inside the stadium, high-quality audio-visual systems will form a key part of the matchday experience.

THE RIGHT DEAL FOR LIVERPOOL:  The funding model will make a significant annual contribution to Liverpool City Council and the stadium development will help kick-start economic regeneration, bringing jobs to the area and acting as a catalyst for further investment.


Images, courtesy: Everton FC


Main image (top): Everton FC’s current home ground, Goodison Park. Courtesy: Everton FC


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