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BREAKING NEWS: Opportunity to acquire Matchsaver® – Europe’s leading brand in Football Pitch Protection

SVB’s Katie McIntyre caught up with Tim McCullagh, Director, MMC Group, to learn about the latest developments and the unique opportunity on offer to acquire the Matchsaver Brand and associated assets.


The MMC Group (Matchsaver’s owners) have just announced their decision to sell the famous Matchsaver brand and associated assets, to coincide with the launch of their new range of ‘Low Cost’ Modular Pitch Covers. Coupled with the foundations already in place to become the world leader in Pitch Protection, this offers a great investment opportunity to potential acquirers.


Sports Venue Business (SVB)’s Katie McIntyre spoke with MMC Group Director, Tim McCullagh, to get further insights on these exciting developments.


Tim McCullagh, Director, MMC Group


Tim, can you start off by telling us more about recent developments and the decision to sell Matchsaver?


Matchsaver Covers are widely regarded as the preferred choice for elite football (soccer) clubs in Europe, with teams such as Real Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Malmo and Torino among the long list of Matchsaver customers.



Until now, Matchsaver Covers, whilst being widely regarded as the best covers available, were often seen as cost prohibitive to many clubs outside the top divisions. However, this new range of Low Cost Modular Covers are affordable to the majority of football (soccer) clubs globally from junior and grass roots level to Champions League and beyond. 



The MMC group are predominantly a precision Engineering Business serving the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and renewables sectors. Therefore, now that development of the new range of covers is complete, The MMC Group is offering the Matchsaver Brand and associated assets for sale as a whole. This will enable the new owners the opportunity to capitalise on the unprecedented global demand for pitch protection, and enable MMC to focus on its core Engineering Business.


Why are pitch covers so important and how can they benefits football clubs?  


Postponed matches and training sessions due to inclement weather are now seen by many as unacceptable, with global initiatives to eliminate this unnecessary problem and a growing number of International Football Associations making pitch covers a mandatory requirement for member clubs.



The disruption caused by inclement weather to clubs, supporters, players and the media cannot be underestimated. However, this can all now be prevented by using Matchsaver Covers, which can be deployed quickly, easily and inexpensively.



Matchsaver Covers also help to reduce the maintenance costs of both natural grass and synthetic turf pitches by helping to keep the playing surface in the best possible condition throughout the season.  




What is the current size and geographical reach of Matchsaver’s market?

When you consider that in the UK alone there are around 50,000 pitches in 20,000+ locations, it gives some scale of Matchsaver’s domestic market.



The European market, where Matchsaver Covers are even more widely used, is of course significantly larger, and with a network of European agents already in position everything is in place for an acquirer to rapidly grow the business on a global scale.


China is another target area for Matchsaver with initiatives already in place to secure a share of the 20,000 new pitches that are being built in the territory in the next few years.



Matchsaver Covers are also being used in various other locations worldwide, including Qatar, where they are being used in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ finals.



Can you tell our readers more about the investment opportunity?


Following a significant period of research and product development, the new range of low cost Matchsaver Covers are now fully developed and ready to launch. Some units have already been sold to test the concept, and have been very well received in the UK and overseas. The new low-cost covers have therefore been successfully proven without compromising on quality, margin or the trusted Matchsaver brand, opening up the market exponentially.


All of the work and costs associated with the likes of product development, branding, marketing platforms and setting up the network of overseas agents is now complete so the new owners could not be better positioned to capitalise on the unprecedented demand for pitch protection covers in Europe and beyond. It is still business as usual at Matchsaver while a buyer is being sought with all products and business operations continuing as usual.



NB: If you are interested in pursuing this unique opportunity, you can contact Tim McCullagh directly via email at: tim.mccullagh@marske.com to firstly request a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and subsequently receive full details in regards to this terrific investment opportunity.


Matchsaver Covers are widely regarded as the preferred choice for elite football (soccer) clubs in Europe, with teams such as Real Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Malmo and Torino among the long list of Matchsaver customers



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